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Welcome to Bookshrop, Whitchurch

We have 7 bays of Children's titles and so are able to offer a wide range of Children's books, toys and gifts.  We stock Orchard Toys jigsaws and have a Lego play table for the younger visitors. 


Book of the Month - January

The Bear Who Did, by Louise Greig and Laura Hughes

A rollicking rhyming story about two beard, a jar of honey and the consequences of not sharing. When one bear steals a jar of honey from the other it sparks a hilarious trail of events that lead to an epic and calamitous conclusion.  Ages 3-6, paperback at £6.99 

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Local Malpas author Sheila Tyrer Hughes has a new book out now. Signed copies are in stock now!  




The Secret of Fiddler's Wood. Paperback £8.99

For years the people of Willowbridge have lived with strange goings-on in and around Fiddler's Wood.  But that changes when Barney Witherspoon comes to live at Fiddler's End.  He makes friends with Midge and together they determine to solve the mystery of the ancient wood, but they don't bargain for the stone mason boggart, who knows no loyalty and will serve anyone for a bowl of sweet bread and milk.

 Suitable for readers aged 8 years to adult, if you enjoyed The Hobbit and The Princess Bride, this is one for you.