Shropshire's favourite dairy farmer and columnist Roger Evans visited Bookshrop, Pull the Other One!" 

*Signed copies now in stock *

The past two years on Roger's Shropshire dairy farm are covered in this new collection of tales of what everyday life is like living with - and from - animals. £12.00 hardback from Merlin Unwin



Bookshrop is the new venue for the Poetry Group's monthly meetings.  Next meeting is

Monday 15th October at 7.30pm

Kemal Houghton - Guest Poet

Come along and enjoy listening to local poets - and read out your own if you like. Wine served.  Contributions collected.

visit the poetry group's Facebook page for more information: Poetry@Bookshrop 


We had two local authors visiting Bookshrop during the week that celebrates independent bookshops throughout the UK.

Signed copies of Kate's two books are available now at £8.99

  Kate Innes

 All the Winding World, the sequel to The Errant Hours. 


Recently, local children's author

Heather Heath Gorton

read us her new picturebook

Sid the Madeiran Wall Lizard

to our younger customers aged 2 to7



Kenneth Ballantyne and John Trotman, author of J for Johnnie together at Bookshrop for the centenary celebration weekend of the RAF

Signed Copies available

joined us on

Saturday 31st March at 11am

to sign copies of his latest book Through the Gate, the true story of Ted Watson's operations in RAF Bomber Command.

Starting with Ted's impoverished north- east childhood, Ken takes us through Ted's early years in the force, when his passion was for scouting.  He joined the RAF as a King's Scout, a rare and remarkable achievement, and giving us an idea of Ted's innate tenacity and courage.

 Ken has written a number of wartime memoirs, all of which we still sell steadily at Bookshrop.  He has assisted John Trotman, a local man, with his memoir J for Johnnie, which again brings to life the reality of flying missions in the Bomber Command during WW2.  Ken is keenly interested in his subjects' lives, a sensitivity that brings a warmth to the biographies of these brave men.

 This April, the RAF celebrates its centenary.  Ken and his wife Elaine will bring along some interesting WW2 memorabilia for you to view.






Local author and  English Civil War enthusiast, David Bradbridge returned to Bookshrop with his fourth Daniel Cheswis novel

The Saints' Reckoning 

Paperback £9.99 

The action is set in Shrewsbury in 1644.  Summer, and the church bells ring overhead as Royalists man the gates.  Shrewsbury is no place for a parliamentarian, particularly one as infamous as unwilling intelligencer Daniel Cheswis..

Set locally, the four novels featuring Daniel Cheswis can be read independently of each other. 

Signed copies of all the Daniel Cheswis novels are in stock now at £9.99 paperback 



   John Shipley, author of the A-Z of Curious Shropshire was here to sign copies of this and his


previous book, The Little Book of Shropshire.

John and Dinah at Bookshrop July 22nd 2017

 Signed copies now available



Previously....2016 in author visits..


Peter Parker, author of the acclaimed new book on the life of A.E Housman: Housman Country - Into the Heart of the England. Hardback £25 joined us recently.  Signed copies now available!


Peter talked about and read from his book, which details the path of Housman's most famous poem, from its publication in 1896, to its place today as the one of the nation's best loved evocations of the English countryside.

Bestselling author Victoria Hislop  dropped by for an informal book signing of Cartes Postales, her latest work of fiction illustrated with photographs that make this journey around Greece, already alive in the imagination, linger forever in


This year it's the 10th anniversary of

Independent Bookshop Week the annual event that celebrates high street booksellers and what they have to offer customers and communities. We will have books exclusive to independent bookshops on offer, plus new rising star Vaseem Khan dropped by to sign copies of his new books. 


 The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (paperback £7.99) and The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown, hardback £12.99,books one and two of a new series A Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation. The third Inspector Chopra novel is published in March 2017, "The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star"

 For fans of Alexander McCall's Ladies' Detective Agency. Vaseem Khan and Dinah at Bookshrop, Independent Bookshop Week, 2016 

Recently at Bookshrop


The Errant Hours - set in Shropshire in 1284 (£8.99)

 Welsh Marches July 1284 - the uprising in wales is over, the leader gruesomely executed, the dead buried. But for Illesa Arrowsmith, the war's aftermath is just as brutal. When her brother is thrown into the Forester's prison on false charges, she is left impoverished and alone. All Illesa has left is the secret manuscript entrusted to her - a book so powerful it can save lives, a book so valuable that its discovery could lead to her death. When the bailiff's daughter finds it, Illesa decides to run, and break her brother out of jail by whatever means. But the powerful Forester tracks them down, and Illesa must put herself and the book at the mercy of an unscrupulous knight who threatens to reveal all their secrets, one by one.

Inspired by the seductive art of illuminated manuscripts, The errant Hours draws from the deep well of medieval legend to weave as story of survival and courage, trickery and love. £8.99 paperback